Bike Fitting

Bicycle fitting is an important part of cycling. A properly fit bicycle will lead to miles upon miles and hours of fun and comfortable riding. At Mountain View we believe that a properly fit bike is as important as the right fork or frame on the bike. The nicest of bikes will useless to you if you cannot ride it because it causes back pain or neck pain. An improperly fit bike can lead to chronic problems that will lead to hamper you on and off the the bike. So we offer a couple of different fit options with any new or existing bike.

Basic Bike FITTING

With every new bike purchase you get the option of a free basic fit. With the basic bike fit we will look at your position on a bike trainer and if needed swap out some basic fit essential parts like the stem. We will also adjust the seat to the appropriate position fore and aft. We will also take into account any previous injuries such as neck and back to accommodate a upright position that make alleviate stresses on that area. We use this as a basic starting point to get you comfortably riding and once you have ridden your bike for a few miles we can talk some more about a more in depth fit.

Mountain View Bike Fitting

Retul / Specialized Body Geometry Fit System

The Body Geometry Fit System from Specialized was developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  Specialized views the bike fit as a marriage between the rider and the bike and the whole picture is required to make the perfect fit. Dr. Any Pruitt believes that there are a limited number of things you can adjust on the rider.

There are many contact points/fit apexes that connect the rider to the bike.  By focusing on the contact points such as your feet, hands, sit bones and padded shorts create a full picture of the riders fit as well as the physical aspects of the rider. By starting with a flexibility assessment and leading into an on bike assessment. By creating that marriage between cyclist and bike, Specialized is able to create a complete fit for the every cyclist.

Retül is a cycling-specific 3D motion capture system that tracks LED markers placed at specific locations on a rider’s body to measure body angles. The real time feedback provided by the system gives certified fitters a very clear picture of a rider’s position, of any issues that may exist and ultimately what changes need to be made. Retül is widely recognized as the most accurate and effective fitting tool and process in the world. Whether to improve your performance, or to simply enjoy the ride more, a Retül bike fit can help you achieve your goals.

  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • What to bring: Bike, shoes, pedals, jersey, shorts, gloves, towel, and water bottle