Service and Repair

Our repair center is professional and quick. Our Full Time Mechanics have over 30 years of experience and are dedicated to making sure your ride is safe and fun. Next day service available. Contact Us with any questions and feel free to stop by the shop to discuss any of your other service needs.

Bike service & repair

Level 1 Tune

Level 2 Tune

Level 3 Overhaul

Bike Safety CheckYesYesYes
Adjust Shifting and BrakesYesYesYes
Lube DrivetrainYesYesYes
Bike Wash -YesYes
True Wheels - YesYes
Adjust Hubs - YesYes
Remove All Components and Clean in Parts Washer - -Yes
Replace All Cables and Housing - -Yes

Individual Rates


Performance Road or Mountain Bike Assembly


Kids Bike Assembly


Box Bicycle for Shipping



Install Handlebar or Stem


Install Drop Handlebars


Install Aerobars


Tape Handlebars (parts additional)


Tape Handlebars with Aerobars (parts additional)



Install Saddle


Install Seatpost


Cut Seatmast