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The old Top Fuel was the quintessential cross country full suspension mountain bike. Light enough and fast enough for cross country racing, but with enough travel to function as a daily driver mountain bike. For 2022, the Top Fuel blends genres together in what is arguably the ultimate down country machine. Using updated geometry, and more suspension travel, the Top Fuel climbs AND descends better. While it will still hang with the pack as an occasional cross country race bike, its happy place will be endless laps down flow trails.


The new Top Fuel owes most of its improvements to its updated geometry. Obviously, it's longer, lower, and slacker than the last one, but rather than comparing the new Top Fuel to the old one, the more interesting (and useful) comparison is actually against its big brother the Fuel EX.

The Top Fuel borrows it new geometry from the Fuel EX. Being one of the best-selling trail bikes on the market, the Fuel EX is a platform that's been highly proven and well-loved by riders all over the world. The Top Fuel gets the confidence inspiring benefits of this robust trail geometry with the efficiency and snappiness of a shorter travel platform. The result is a fully capable trail bike for riders who like to stay pinned both up and down the trail.

120mm of suspension travel, a 66 degree head tube mated to a 76 degree seat tube, and 1215mm wheelbase (size Large, Low position), put the rider in an ideal position on the bike to crush descents and hammer back up for more laps. Installing a longer 130mm air spring in the fork slackens the bike out half a degree, and gives the rider that little exta dose of confidence navigating chunky sections of trail. Depending on where you ride most, and how you like to approach the trail, you can make use of Trek's Mino Link flip chip to adjust the geometry and handling to your liking. Use the high setting to quicken the handling and put maximum power through the pedals, or use the low setting to rip flow trails and ride lines usually reserved for bigger bikes with longer travel.


66 Degree Head Tube Angle
120-130mm Front Suspension
120mm Rear Suspension
76 Degree Seat Tube Angle
4-Piston Brakes
Mino Link Geometry Adjustment
2.6" Tire Clearance

AXS Compatible


If the Fuel EX is Trek's quiver-killer trail bike, the new Top Fuel is it's faster, cocaine addicted little brother. Similar geometry swaddled in a shorter travel package makes the Top Fuel just that little bit twitchier. You can choose to slacken it out a bit with a longer air spring, or steepen it up with the Mino Link flip chip. It requires a little more precision and rider input (read: skill) to navigate gnarly trails, but in the right hands, the Top Fuel is a fully capable all-mountain trail bike, or the perfect addition to your mountain bike quiver. 

$3,143.99 - $3,929.99
$3,799.99 - $3,929.99