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The Dawn of A New Era

The Fuel EXe ushers in a new era of mountain bike innovation. This is an ultralight, silent, and subtle e-MTB that can power you up big climbs, and yet disappear underneath you on the trail. It blends power and capacity with the responsiveness and feel of a trail bike. Read on to learn more.

The Ethos of Fuel EXe

The Fuel EXe bridges the gap between mountain bikes and high powered eMTB's. It isn't just an under-powered Rail, this is an entirely new system, capable of blending the best of both words. It evolved to break the mold, bridge the gap, and elevate your ride with quiet assist that all but disappears in the woods. It rides just like a trail bike on your favorite singletrack, but with extra fuel in the tank.

HIGHLIGHTS: Trail geometry, 150/140mm of suspension travel, and an ultralight battery and motor combo.

The electric elements of this bike hide in plain sight. The display is built seemlessly into the top tube.

Dial the exact performance specs of the battery and motor from your smart phone.

The integrated battery and motor tuck out of the way and remove easily.

Optional range boost adds another 2.5 hours of ride time to the already impressive 2-5 hour range of this bike.

The Featherweight Champion of the PNW

The ultralight 360wh battery is capable of supporting impressive 2-5 hour ride times, with an optional range extender adding 160wh and extending ride times up to 7.5 hours. The drive unit uses a nearly silent harmonic pin technology and yet delivers a solid 50nm of torque. The total weight of the battery and drive unit is 3.9kg, and some complete builds come in under 40 lbs. With it's 150/140mm suspension platform, Fuel EXe is in a league of its own.


We have a select run of these bikes in store, but they don't tend to last long. Call the shop to put your name on one before they sell out!