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Ride year round with the right gear

Your riding season doesn't have to end when Summer does. Here are some of our favorite pieces of gear to help keep you comfortable in the off-season.

Stay Warm and Dry

A good breathable, water resistant rain jacket, and full waterproof pants are an essential investment in your own safety and comfort.

See And Be Seen

A good set of lights will keep you safe. Mount one to your handlebar, and one to your helmet. Shoot for 1000 Lumens and up for optimal visibility for trail riding.

Maintain Traction

Tires with wider knob spacing will perform better in muddy conditions. Teravail Kessels, Maxxis Assegai's, and the Bontrager Super Enduro series should do the trick.

Ride Indoors

We're down to a few trainers left in stock. Grab one before they go and stay in shape this Fall and Winter!